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Take off with confidence

Maxwell Aircraft Service gives you the assurance you need to know your plane is running perfectly. Our technicians have more than 25 years of experience working with us. We will get you back in the air as quickly as possible with 100% confidence in our repair work and service. 


Our Services

• Propeller Repair 
• Governor Repair and Overhauling
• Cadmium Plating
• Anodizing
• Magnetic and Penetrant Inspection

• Glass Bead and Plastic Media Blasting
• Limited Accessory Overhauling
• Dynamic Balancing
• Airworthiness Directives Inspection
• Assembly

Propeller Overhaul

  • Ranges from Fixed Pitch Propellers to Turbine Propellers 

  • Warbird Propellers

    • Curtiss Reed Propellers 

    • Hamilton Standard 

    • Ground Adjustable Propellers as well 

Governor Overhaul

  • McCauley 

  • Hartzell 

  • PCU 5000 

  • Hamilton Standard 

Composite Propellers

  • Full composite overhaul for MT and Hartzell 

    • Approval for leading edge replacement for both. 

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